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Sad news for us.  my father, James Knox, passed away in April of this year.  It has been hard on us all as we all loved Dad very much and he will be sorely missed.  The picture below is from a DVD I made from pictures of my Dads life - you can see he served his country in the Army, traveled alot, loved his dogs and his family.  Below is the speech I gave at his funeral.  My God rest your soul Dad.


"I’d first like to thank you all for coming out today.  Dad was a very wealthy man when it came to family and friends.

Id like to start this the same way I began my toast at my brothers wedding – “I’ve known my Dad for a very long time” – and as it was pointed out to me later, of course – I’ve known him my whole life!

I’d like to tell you about my Dad for in a lot of ways he was my hero and helped shape who I am today.

No matter what I got myself into, he was always there to support me.  Dad spent a lot of time running me around for basketball, soccer, baseball, football, tennis(which we won a tournament together), Indian guides, swimming, fishing, golf and many more.  You have to realize that this was x3 since Pat and Page also did extracurricular activities.  Now my wife Terri knows why our schedule is so busy – I want to make sure my kids get to experience everything they want  like my Dad allowed me.

Dad was the “World Traveler.”  His favorite destinations were Hawaii and Australia, though no matter where he landed he would seek out the best snorkel hole to get into the water.

While growing up Mom and Dad took us to Florida and Myrtle Beach almost every year.  I was probably the only kid who went to Disney World 10 times by High School.  Though Dad didn’t like to ski fast he did like Space Mountain.

Dad was pretty handy with tools – I was happy to help him work on both basements doing whatever was necessary – of course this allowed me to get an extra coke each day, but I don’t think Dad knew that was part of my motivation.

Dad was also a big sports fan.  I remember going to Oriole games in the hot summer nights (waiting to exit the parking lot in Memorial Stadium) and also Redskin, Bullets, Caps and Keys games.  Dad even took us to the Baltimore Blast, Washington Diplomats and Washington Federals games.  He liked getting out to the stadiums and ordering a bag of peanuts and a large coke!

Dad also taught me a few things about sports in general – these things I will always remember:

1.        Dean Smith was not a good coach

2.       4 corners ruined the ACC

3.       ACC stands for ‘All Carolina Conference’

4.       Lefty Driesel was jinxed

In all seriousness he taught me to play fair and be a good sport.

My Dad was into Politics – though only the Republican side.  He had a great sense of humor and loved jokes of all varieties.  I wont get into the ‘Pig Squealed’ joke but ask me later if you want to hear it.

Finally a few pieces of advice Dad make sure everyone knew:

1.       Never step on Supermans Cape

2.       You never want a trip to the ‘Woodshed’

3.       Don’t swim against the rip tide

4.       Don’t ride motorcycles

5.       Hire an electrician to do any electrical work

6.       And when you lay the Queen of Spades down in Hearts – the proper term to use is “How Sweeeeet it is”

In closing I should mention my Dads biggest contribution – his love for his family.  He has continued to take care of his mother and each of us to the best of his ability.  He put family first in a lot of ways and he will be sorely missed.

Love you Dad.



Time for my bi-decade update :) - I'm not sure about anyone reading this, but my kids are now in more activities than I think I had my whole childhood.  Andrew is in LAX and Soccer, Nathan in Soccer and that doesn't include Piano class, Swim class, Spanish class, etc.....We're embarking on replacing the planks on our deck to something that is maintenance free - costs a fortune but I wont have to dedicate a summer stripping and staining the deck/rail anymore.  We are off to Disney again this year - I have compiled a list of reviews/recomendations based upon our travels - if you would like a copy just ping me.

Hope things are well with everyone who stops by here now and then - I hope to get the pictures updated more frequently.





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