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Happy Birthday Andrew!  Andrew's first birthday is the 29th of August.  We celebrated it on Sunday the 27th.  Andrew had a good time and you can see photos in the pictures area.  Andrew got a table, bear, swing, car and a wagon.  He seemed to enjoy all his gifts!  On the home front the framing, electrical and plumbing is done on the basement, now the drywall guys and we should be smokin!  Hope everyone had a great summer and are looking forward to the fall!


Looks like the page is going to get updated once a month now.  Things are hectic everywhere........Andrew is now crawling.  He wants to go everywhere!  He's also able to climb steps.  We think he'll be walking in no time since he appears to not like crawling as much :).  My sales partner and I won a Porsche Boxster our companies sales contest.  I got to drive one during the awards night.  It was sweet :).  New pictures of Andrew have been added so don't forget to check them out.  I'm going to be busy with wedding stuff the next 2 months(friends)so not alot of free time to do the things I want to :(.  Thats all from here!


Well if things can get any busier I don't know what I'm going to do!  Work, the basement, family, etc...Andrew has achieved a few milstones the past month.  First he was Baptized and second he went to the beach for the first time.  The Baptism was great and a family only event.  Andrew was with his cousins at the beach and he loved touching and squishing his toes in the sand.  My scanner broke so it will be harder for me to get pictures posted.  They will eventually get updated I promise.  Thats all from Knox central!


We're back from the Grand Canyon.  It was incredible!  Checkout the pictures area for a couple of photos, you really need to see this in person.  Sedona was pretty cool also except everything shut down at 7pm!  Want dessert after dinner, eat early.  Andrew did great on his first trip outside MD.  The plane ride was relatively trouble free, though the flights were crowded.  Andrew is now saying 'Da Da', what smart boy!  Thats all from Damascus!


Wow, over a month since my last update (though the baby pictures get updated more frequently, I just dont change the dates).  Its been a hectic 6 weeks since the last update.  Andrew is able to sit up on his own and is now teething(doh!).  Though Andrew has been sleeping like a champ (8pm-6am), a few teething nights have brought back newborn days(ie every 2 hrs waking up!).  I've starting working on the basement with my father-in-law.  So far only most of the framing has been put in.  I hope to have it finished by mid-June!  We're heading to Phoenix at the end of this month.  We'll be visiting Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Keep an eye out for some pictures next month!


Been awhile since my last update.  Andrew, the house and work have got me all tied up!  Im getting close to starting on the basement so my free time will be squeezed even more!   I was able to create my own CAT5 network jacks so my basement will be wired for the future (4 phone lines, 2 network jacks and a cable outlet in 4 spots!) I forgot to mention over XMas that my good friend Ken Currie has gotten engaged(finally!)  His wedding date is Sept 9th.  Andrew is continuing to grow like a weed.  He's gone through his share of colds this winter(and lack of sleep) so we hope thats behind us now that Spring like weather is starting to appear.  Thats all from here.  I will probably update the pictures more than news (a picture says a 1000 words) so keep an eye on that!


Well Y2what has come and gone.  I was a little disappointed that 'nothing happened' but relieved that major infrastructure companies didn't have any problems/  Xmas and New Years were great, if not a bit busy.  Sorry, but I didnt drag the digital camera along with me during the Holidays so no new picture updates until I get the real photos developed and scanned in.   Andrew continues to bring us happiness, joy and sleepless nights. He got bronchitis last week and that was pure hell.  The poor guy couldn't get comfortable so he did the only he could, cry.............My college roomate Ken got engaged over the Holidays, so overall it was a good Holiday Season for us.  Hope the same can be said for everyone watching here.


Fifteen more days until the big day!   Thanksgiving was great, I stuffed myself beyond full.  Andrew is growing like a weed.  Last week help slept through the night all week :))))).  Unfort he's reverted to waking up at 3:00am each night this week :((((((.  He's interacting and displaying more emotion each day.  Smiles have been generous from him.  The house is all decorated and the Tree and setup as well.  We got a 10 ft Fraser Fir.   It cost a few extra bucks but is a great looking tree for Andrews first.  The baby pictures have been updated and will be updated without a date change on the homepage.   So just cause I haven't updated the news page doesn't mean the baby pictures haven't changed.  Hope everyone has a great holiday season


One more week till Thanksgiving.  I cant wait for the break.  Work has been very busy as has Andrew.  He's sleeping 4/5 hours at a clip now which makes nighttime a whole lot better.  He's in Day Care now and appears to be having fun watching the other toddlers do stuff.  In case you ran into problems accessing the site a week ago, I needed to find a new home for it and the Crosswinds site was having problems so I switched to and all seems well fo now.  No knew pictures since Halloween but I'll prob have some after Thanksgiving.   Hope everyone has a good holiday, I know Im looking forward to it.


We're still at the 3 hour sleeping stage.   Folks tell us its around 4 months when babies start sleeping through the night.   Thats 8 more weeks away.  Boy do I miss sleep.  I had the wonderful pleasure of being 'pooped' on by Andrew.  Its a moment every parent is proud of (not!).  Andrew made his first visit to a pumpkin patch this week(pictures online) and he was very well behaved esp since it was chilly and the wind was blowing.  We're getting ready for Halloween and hope everyone has a great holiday!


Things haven't changed much with Andrew.   He's getting a little bigger but not sleeping more than 3 hours at a clip.   Makes sleeping a little tough.  He's starting to keep his eyes open more during the day and interacting a little more with his surroundings.


Entering week 3 and trying to find the precious sleep we once had :).  It would be wonderful if kids came out with a limited vocabulary.  Something like "Eat, Poop, Cuddle".  I guess these are the things new parents have to learn about heir newborn.  We haven't figured it out yet.  I don't know how single parents do it, but my hats off to them.  A baby is alot of work until they start sleeping through the night.  Then the work is the same but the parent is alot more rested!  He continues to stay awake more during the day and seems to be focusing more on objects.  Its funny to see such a small person looking at lights, the dog, picture cards, etc.....Thats all from baby central.


Well, its been baby 3 parents none with regard to sleep the first couple nights.  He appears to be getting into more of a pattern but sleep is something I miss!  Mom continues to improve and Dad is still trying to figure out what hit him!  More baby pictures have been put up, take a look.


Well, theres big news at the Knox household.   Andrew Matthews Knox was born on 8/29/99 weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz.  Mother, baby and father are all doing well.  The next coupla weeks will be hectic!  I've put pictures of the baby in the Family pictures area.  I also got the opportunity to change my first poopie diaper.  great...............

Also, for those that haven't seen/noticed I've registered as the domain name for this website.  I may move it off the Netcom servers in the near future so use the domain URL to make sure you stick with us.


We've been to the birthing classes, hospital visits, baby shower and such.  Now its time for the baby to come.  2 weeks and counting.  First pictures will be available on the web site here!  We got a bunch of great stuff from the baby shower(strollers, diapers, toys, clothes, etc........................).  The baby watch is on, stay tuned!


Well, the baby is almost here.  4 weeks and counting.  Terri is ready to have it now though.  I've finally updated the pictures area to include some from the deck, my new car and the babies room.  Check them out here:  pictures


The past couple weeks have been happy and sad.  At 92 years of age my Grandfather passed away.  On the happy side Terri and the baby are doing well.  There's not much left to do for the baby except wait for the big day.  The expecting date is Sept 3 (Labor for Labor day).   Thats all from the Knox homefront.


Things still progressing well with the baby.  The nursery room is getting it's finishing touches of paint and decorations.  The deck is finally finished in the paint department.  I promise some pictures soon.  The "Honey-Do" list is finally starting to wind down as the baby gets closer.  Other that than just trying to stay cool in the summer heat.


So far so good with the baby.  Not much to report except staining and painting the deck and getting the lawn in shape.


Well according to the sonogram lady we should be expecting a bouncing baby boy in September!  That was very weird watching him move on the screen.  Unfort we got an 'Xray' sheet of pictures that don't scan too well so no pictures for now.  On the home front I've been very busy fertilizing the grass, putting a cieling fan in the bedroom and staining the deck.   Terri wants the rails painted the same color as the siding so that little project will take about the whole summer!  We got some deck furniture thats to be delivered this weekend.  If youhaven't shopped for this stuff beware, its alot more expensive than I figured it would be.  Well, back to staining!


Another doctors appt but nothing really new.  Heard the heartbeat again but thats it.  Terri's doing well and the next appt will have a sonogram. That will be the big news.  My brother is getting ready to move into his new house so things will be busy the next couple of weeks while he moves his stuff out of our basement!  In 2 weeks I'm off to the Rocky Mountain state to do some skiing.  Can't wait!


Terri had her second doctors appt this month.  We got to hear the babies heartbeat!  Its starting to feel pretty official now.  We decided that a 2 door Sunfire covertible wasn't quite the car needed for a baby so we traded it in on a 1999 Grand Prix GTP (4 door of course).  Its a sweet looking machine.  When I get off my duff I'll post a picture.  Not much else going on just getting real busy at work.


Happy New Year folks. New Year, new design. I hope the changes are good ones vs bad. Xmas was great. I got some clothes, ping pong table, boots, etc... Everyone was healthy an happy and thats all we could ask for. New Years was fun. Had a quite evening at my brother inlaw's house. Looking forward towards 200 New Year with a new edition to the family. Found out the good news that Terri was pregnant! More updates later.


Ok, so I forgot a few things in my last update. 1 - The deck is finished! and 2 - I added some XMas links to the 'New' area. Thats it.


1 down 1 to go. Thanksgiving went by without too much hassle, it just went by too fast. Xmas shopping seems to be slower than last year. I had no problem visiting a few stores and parking. The big news since last time is that I'm an Uncle again. Cameron Knox was born Firday the 13th! He actually brought me luck though since right after I got the call I got the power to the cieling fan I was hanging (only took 3 hrs to get it!). We in the process of decorating the house and putting the tree up in anticipation of a relaxing holiday season. Hope yours is relaxing also.


I guess Friday the 13th is supposed to mean something but since the movie of the same name lost its edge I guess this day is left to marketing more than anything else. Not a whole lot going on. The deck is in its final stages (FINALLY) and we're about to put up a cieling fan in the family room. My brother is about to beomce a dad for the second time so everybody is in a holding pattern!


The fence is finished and the deck is getting close.  I hope to close out the 'projects' list before winter sets in.  We went to Disney World since the last update.  Epcot, MGM and the Magic Kingdom haven't changed much since the last time we were there (2 years ago).  Animal Kingdom was new and we couldn't wait to see what Disney's newest creation would hold.  It didnt hold much....We left after 2 hrs.  It was very disappointing to say the least if you want specifics send me an email theres too much to write here!  We took advatange of the refinancing boom just at the right time.  We ended up with 6 7/8's just before it jumped to 7 1/4.  It could go down again but I think we're settled for now.   I've posted some pictures from Florida so if you're interested click here:  pictures


Well work has sent me out of town again.  This time to Florida(Im going to Disney World).  Look for some pictures next update.  The fence is almost done and the framing for the second deck has been completed but theres still alot more work to go.  I got posion ivy for the first time.  Talk about Itchy and Scratchy!


Well, there's too much and not enough going on!   Too much with completeing the fence this weekend, installing digital thermostats and the deck and not enough with no work being done the past 3 weekends!  I cant complain though I'm relying on my friends to help out who've already put in alot of hours!   They filled in the construction drainage ditch and 'Hydro Seeded' (aka Hydro Suck) the area.  Since fall is upon us I've had to throw countless gallons of water onto the area to ensure the grass is still alive next spring(no thanks to mother nature who has provided no rain!).  Due to some luck at work Terri and I are GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!   A report and some pictures when we get back.


Not much going on except working on the deck.   You can see our progress in the pictures area.   Also I ran across some pretty interesting and funny sights since the last update so make sure you checkout the New Stuff page.


Our Trip to Nevis was great.  The company provided a great vacation for us in the Carribean.  We stayed at the Four Seasons on Nevis and got to enjoy the beach, snorkeling, Jet Skiing and Golf.  The Golf course was tough with the normal obstacles of wind, rain, donkey's and goats!  Besides the Nevis trip we've been getting ready to put a deck on the back of the house.  It will be a 20x20 and 16x12 size decks.  It will be multilevel with the 16x12 off the kitchen(eventually screened in) and the 20x20 off the family room.  The 2 decks will be connected via some steps.  If anyone if interested I have a scanned image of the drawing.  To get the blue prints all I had to do was create a picture and sizes and hand it off to 84 Lumber.  They produced to prints for free!


Well its been awhile since I did some major surgery to the page so I updated the interface to be more pleasing(I hope).  I got tired of the 3 frame look and reduced it to 2.  I recently got the LASIEK surgery on my eyes which have eliminated my need for glasses!  My left eye is 20/20 and my right is 20/30.  The right continues to improve but its pretty awesome the results so far.   Send me a mail if you have questions!  I was selected to out company 'Club' trip this year.  Terri and I get an all expenses paid trip to Nevis (In the Caribbean).   We depart next week and can't wait.  Some news and pictures when we get back!


Too much has been happening recently to stuff into a news segment but here goes.  Holly and Steve's wedding went off without a hitch.  It was a great day and everyone had fun!  My brother is moving back East so I now have all his furniture inmy basement along with some of Holly and Steve's while they wait for there house to be completed.  My rates are reasonable if your looking for storage space!  We had a hail storm 2 weeks ago that dropped golf ball sized hail on the cars.  $1400 damage to the Sunfire (looks brand new!) and $500 to the Jeep.   Also got a scanner recently, a UMax 1220P.  Havent had much luck getting my photos in but paper stuff looks great!  Any helpful hints for the scanner appreciated.  The Arizona pictures should be up by the time you read this.


Its been awhile since my last update. Been very busy with work and such. Work took me out to Arizona for a week which was awesome. We visited Tucson and saw some wild sights from large cactus, snow covered mtns and the Air Force 'boneyard'. This is where they store all the jets not in service. There must have been 1000's of jets just stitting there, Phantoms, A-10's, F-14's, etc.... Look for some pictures soon! On the homefront we had our plug 'reset' on the Freezer downstairs. It must have been off for about a week. Its was horrible if you get my drift! Upcoming this week is my sister-in-laws wedding. Im a groomsman so Im looking forward to some some. Thats all from here.


Well, alot has happened in the last month.   We've picked up a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee (getting rid of the Honda), put wallpaper up, got the grass ready for spring, landscaped a little and more I cant even think of right now.  Work has kept me real busy so I havent had anytime for updates.  Im off to Arizona next weekend so I hope to get a good feel for Tuscon while Im out there.   Terri is helping her sister get ready for her June 6th Wedding so theres little time for much else right now.  Hope things are less busy in your neck of the woods!


Not much going on here. Soaking up the good weather. I've updated the vacation pictures with some of the other shots. You can see them here.


My how time flies. We had a grea time in Hawaii, some some beautiful sites. Checkout some of the things we saw on my pictures page. The trip takes about 14 hrs over and 12 hrs back(total time not air time), but its well worth it. Upon our arrival back we got the rest of the blinds for the house. Being the 'Man' of the house I proceeded to put them up. Its very easy to do this, just make sure you read the size of the blind before putting up(loooong story). Anyhow, I have alot more pictures than I could fit so if your interested in more shots let me know and I'll update it in a week or so.


Here I sit on the 7:00am Metroliner to Wilmington. If you haven't taken the train somewhere your missing out on an excellent way to travel. The past month has been bill month. First insurance then decorating then car maintanance then everything else. We're feeling so poor we decided to head off to Hawaii(ok, we're not feeling that poor). We're off to Maui, The Big Island and Kaui. This will be our fifth trip to the Islands and will probably be our last for a loooong while. I havent had alot of luck with the new camera. Im getting better at taking pictures but haven't ound much I want to share yet. Ill bring some nice pictures back from the Island though. One of my biggest restraints is the meg of Web Space I have. With all the junk I have on my page it doesnt leave alot for pictures! Thats all from here, more news when we get back from vacation!


In case you hadn't noticed I've made a few more tweaks to the pages. When you go to a link outside of mypage I remove the 'frames'. Even though I know how much you all loved having my toolbar permantly in your Web Browser :). I recently got a Digital Camera (Sony MVC-FD7). Its awesome! I haven't gotten all the bugs out of taking good pictures but you'll see the results here. Thats all for now, the drywall guy is doing my 1 time fixes now.

Oh, here's a picture of our dog Lindsey - 


Lots has happened since my last update. Terri and I joined some old work friends to attend a Wizards game at the new MCI Center in downtown DC. Access to the stadium is excellent via Metro but I have a few gripes. First, you need to get your ticket checked twice getting to the 'upper' seats. Second, the seats are set at such an angle that someone 6 rows down can obstruct your view. Third, the new cupholders in the seats are nice but are placed under your elbows! Now the good news, the stadium is very well lit vs the Cap Center. The seats are more comfortable(but tight) and the scoreboard is modern(even tho some scores are tough to read). My biggest gripe would have to be price though. Our seats were 1/2 price ($20) and we were 10 rows from the cieling! I can't imagine paying $75 to get some decent seats! Today is my first day back from Denver. I went to visit a friend out there(before Denver won the AFC Championship)to do some skiing. We went to Keystone and Arapohoe Basin. The skiing was excellent as was the company. We went to a Superbowl Party to watch the Bronco's win their first. It was alot of fun hearing a city go crazy after winning, very similar to when the Redskins won their first (but no car tipping in DC). Thats all from here, just waiting for Spring or our first snowstorm to arrive.


Welcome to the New Year! Our family had a most excellent Xmas. Terri got new 'Shaped' Skis and I got a new basketball hoop plus some clothes. My brother and his wife and 9 month old son came home from LA to spend some time. Overall was a fun holiday. New Years was a little different though. We went to Annapolis for the 'First Night Out' festivities. I'm sure we would've had a better time if it wasn't 7 degrees outside. Due to the extreme cold it was tough extracting fun out of it. Highlights did include foot long cigars with the biggest cigar 'butt' challenge. I ended up with the biggest butt :). We also saw some cool blues player but other than that we f r o z e! Hope everyone else had a Happy and Safe New Year. Our resolution is to start eating better and exercising more (just like last year ;) )


In case you hadn't noticed I put a new look to the Web Page. I've seen alot of framed pages and liked the navigation ease they provided so I revamped the interface to take advantage of it. I removed my first stab at Java for the intro part. I never really liked it and instead created my 1st interlaced GIF. Nothing too fancy but I like the results. I'll be adding more changes soon so stop on by. Have a safe and Merry Xmas.


7 more days till XMas. For the first time in years(it seems), CBS stepped up to the plate and put on the ole XMas classic's (Rudolph, Frosty, etc..). It was fun watching the classics I remember seeing. We got a really nice tree for our first one in the new house. Terri decorated the stairwell with garland and lights for a nice effect. I've pretty much solidified my shopping and will be able to ride out the last days enjoying the season. Hope everyone watching has a fun Holiday Season.


Well, Turkey Day has come and gone. This year I was welcomed with the big BEND OVER on Monday. I tried booting up my personal PC and my HD crashed completly. My last backup of important files was to say the least a long time ago. I wasn't a happy camper. Anyhow, I've got a big honking 3.5 gig drive and lots of free space to fill up. I've also got my Zip drive connected permanently. Atleast Thanksgiving was alot more fun. We had a combined family dinner at our new house. 19 people showed for dinner at our makeshift 3 table connected setup. Things went well and nothing got broken/stained. Now its Turkey, turkey, turkey for the next coupla days. Hope your Thanksgiving day was just as fun. Thats it from here. Time to fight the crowds at the mall..


I write this as I zoom up to Philly on the Amtrak Metroliner. For those that haven't ridden the train, its a fabulous way to travel allowing one to be more productive and less stressed than flying. Not a whole lot has happened since last month. We had a ton of 'Ghouls' on Halloween that almost took all of our candy. Fortunately the only 'trick' we had was someone blowing out the candles on our pumpkins. We put up some French Doors on the library the other weekend which look nice. I must say that painting is not my strong suit, in fact painting sucks. On the home building front(my brother-in-laws place) we had the roof fall down on our head (literally!), but the second time was the charm when we got the truss's supported correctly(loooong story). Thanksgiving will be fun since we're hosting both families(to avoid 2 dinners like last year). We'll have 23 folks chowing down which means alot of turkey!


We celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary this past weekend in San Francisco. I've never been there before and it was a blast. We saw, in no patricular order, Alacatraz(awesome), Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge(how can you miss it), Fishermans Wharf, Napa Valley(where the wine is great and free), Giants game at Candlestick, Pacific Coast Highway, Muir Woods(big biG bIG BIG Trees!) and Sausilito(pretty shopping, hence I was bored and Terri loved it). That was an event packed 3 days. We stayed near SFO Airport and saved a bundle. I ighly recommend this since its only 15-20 mintues to anywhere. A few restaurants to recommend: Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company and Scoma's. Other than that not much else going on except Im going to see a Maryland Terps football game this weekend.


Well, Summer is officially over according to the calender. The weather isn't doing anything to contradict that cause its cold at night! My current project is helping my future brother and law put up his house. We worked on the first floor decking this past weekend. Nothing like pounding nails and hacking wood for a fun weekend (argh argh argh). I did almost fall through the floor once though while putting glue down(Doh!). Anyhow, not much else going on, just waiting for the Orioles to start the playoff's, The Terps to get blown out again and the Redskins to play another nail biter.


Well Damn. Summer is over. I can't believe it. We've already had a few 60 degree nights, pretty soon the 85 degree afternoons won't reach 75! I have to amidt my summer was pretty non eventful(as you can read below). This winter will come more improvements to the house(ie, painting and wallpaper - whoopie). A few weeks back we went looking at Jeep Grand Cherokie's. Nice vehicles but a little bit on the expensive side. The 4.8% financing is great if your looking. The revamped Cherokee Sport is also a strong contender. Since the Honda didn't bring as much in tradein value as we'd hoped were going to hold off until next fall when they introduce the 'New' Grand Cherokee at which point we hope the prices fall on the 'old' model. Thats all from here, keep warm with the falling temperatures.


I type this as I'm about to board a plane. I can't believe summer is almost gone, I don't feel like I got enough out of it. We finally got some rain the past 2 days which has turned the grass from black to a light tan(ok, its almost green). Not much has happened since the last report except that my brother came home for a week which was cool (played cutthroat hearts a few nights). Lastly, we went to the county fair last night. For some reason not matter how old I get I still enjoy the fair, but now I know which games to play and which rides to stay away from.


As the logo denotes we were at the beach this past weekend. Nothing special, but the waves were big(schwing). Lat weekend my friends and I put a split rail fence in the back. It's been really dry here (100+ days) so as we found out quickly the ground was hard! After 8 blisters and 1 hole dug it was time to get the power Auger(spelling?). Anyhow, those things are sweet when it comes to digging holes. We got 12 holes dug in 4 hours(that alos includes setting the posts and such). Other than that, just trying to stay cool in the heat.


Finally the last few items are being taken care for the house. Our new Production Supervisor will glad to stop having me call him(I might miss the conversation though). The lawn is busting up and is more of a pain than I originally thought. Went to my brothers Christening this past weekend for Aidan. I was the God Father for the first time and it was fun. I was part of a team that setup a tent for the reception. A quick piece of advice for tent installations. Have atleast 8 people to raie the tent (ie, 2 people per corner. 1 to hold the corner up and the other to put the stand in place). It was quite an effort, but worth it. We're getting ready for the big 4th of July beach trip. Hopefully 500,000 people won't arrive at Ocen City.


Had a great holiday weekend this Memorial Day. Went to the beach and enjoyed some sunny days with the convertible top down. Beach was a little windy so I had to spend my days at the driving range :). Went to see Lost World and was disappointed. Checkout my review here. Other than that things are good. The new construction supervisor has taken care of the last few tidbits and things are in order. I had to mow the lawn for the first time and boy was that a pain in the arse! It took 1 1/2 hours to mow(push mower) and we don't even have the whole yard graded! I can't wait to put the deck in next year and cover up the grass underneath.


Well, our Production Supervisor has been relieved of his duties. The new supervisor seems to be more responsive to customer calls so hopefully things will begin working for the better. We got our lawn 'Hydro' seeded. This method of growing grass pretty much sucks. When it finally comes up it looks patchy and takes about a year to fully come in. Not to mention its up to the owner with no instructions on growing the grass (I didnt realize 10-10-10 was the fertilizer to use. Thankfully someone told me before I got Scott's Turf Builder which is 35 - 5 - 5). Went to see my nephew a coupla weeks ago. He passes the Uncle Stephen test of quietness and cuteness. Also went to my first winery outin Santa Barbara. We went to the Gainey winery. Wine was ok, experience was pretty cool. The valley is very impressive.



Well, we've taken 3 steps forward 1 step back. The yard is finally graded and seeded(No grass yet thgouh, just a nice flourescent green hydro mix). Our cutting board was returned and the cabinet was fixed. Unfort the cabinet was fixed by placing a cover piece over it. Now 1 side looks slightly different than the other...............

Put a garage door last weekend. That was very interesting, they dont make the setup gear for 9 foot ceilings. The install wasn't very difficult but time consuming.

Kevin and Christine got married(No he didnt get cold feet). Everything went smoothly and we all had a great time.



Well, the basecoat of the driveway is in. The yard is finally being graded. Its unfortunate that the phrase 'Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease' applies to this situation. I guess home companies havent figured out that being up front and honest is a better way of doing business(vs next week, next week, next week).

More rug news. In my ongoing effort to keep the kitchen tile from being scratched, Ive insisted on getting throw rugs for everything thats going to rest on it. We're getting a nice little stand for cookbooks and such so a nice small throw rug should be easy to find(since everything we saw before was small). Well, most places want ver $200 for a nice small throw rug (are they nuts!). So more rug finding is ahead......

My sister-in-law finally got her wedding date settled. 6/6/98 is the day she and her long term boyfriend Steve will get hitched. The reception will be at Hood College (nice place).


Well, we're still waiting on our driveway and grading of our yard. Seems NV Homes puts more importance on Model Homes than those who've already PAID for their stuff.

Finally found a throw rug for the kitchen. I only mention this because it took going to 6 stores and countless hours finding a rug that had the right size, color, and price (Alot of rugs are over $700, not the kind of thing for a kitchen table)

Lindsey(our Dachshund) is still trying to figure out where the 'bathroom' place is. We're trying to wean her out of the LIVING ROOM!

Returned to a great restaurant this past weekend called 'The Melting Pot' in Rockville, MD. If your looking for the Fondue experience, this is the place to be. The desserts are to DIE for. Prices are a little high, but its a 2 hour experience.



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