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With the baby its getting tougher to get out and see movies so Im including out rental movies in the listing now

Movies Worth Seeing Movies that Don't Suck Movies that Suck

Sixth Sense
Scream 3
Sleepy Hollow
South Park
Blair Witch Project
American History X

Episode I, The Phantom Menace -Great!

The General's Daughter
Enemy of the State
The Waterboy

Saving Private Ryan
Something about Mary
Lethal Weapon 4
As Good as it Gets
Scream 2
Men in Black

Scary Movie
Duce Bigolo, Male Gigolo
American Beauty
Stir of Echos(Sixth Sense wanna be)
Bowfinger (Some good laughs)
Arlington Road
Big Daddy
Hard Rain
Air Force One
Batman and Robin
Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me
Never Been Kissed
Wild Wild West (almost sucked)
Apt Pupil
The Thomas Crowne Affair

Eyes of the Beholder -Terrible
Eyes Wide SUCKS
Mickey Blue Eyes
Desperate Measures
Jackie Brown
Playing God
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Lost World

  Guaranteed Good Movies:
Note:  I enjoy a variety of different types of films!

Sixth Sense
Blair Witch Project - Spooky
Star Wars Episode I
American History X
Scream 3
South Park


Scary Movie is not for everyone.  The jokes get old but you're sure to find something that makes you laugh your arse off.  Duce Bigolo was ok.  Had its funny parts but could've been better.

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